Academic Support

An academic assistance program has been implemented in an effort to improve student performance. Any faculty member can recommend a student for academic support. In addition, any student interested in using academic support to study or complete assignments may attend on a voluntary basis. This program will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10:25-11:25. The program focuses on raising student expectations, improving student achievement/ motivation and increasing the success rate in all subject areas. Students will remain on academic support until performance improves as determined by the subject area teacher.

Academic Support Procedures for Students

  1. At the start of lunch go to your locker to get your lunch, drop off/pick up your books. 
  2. Arrive at Academic Support at your scheduled time. 
  3. Find a seat in the CAD Lab.
  4. The teacher will distribute your exam/quiz/assignment. 
  5. You may work silently on the task until you are complete. There is to be no talking; the teacher has the right to regulate the noise level in the room. 
  6. At 11:10 you will have 5 minutes remaining to work on your task. 
  7. At 11:15 the teacher will collect your assignment or you may bring it up to to them when you are finished. The proctor will return it to the assigning teacher. Note: You do not have to stay for the entire Academic Support period. Once you have finished your assignment you can bring the assignment to the proctor and return to the MPR for lunch.
  8. Please make sure you push chairs in, pick up papers, log off computers, etc. when you leave.